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How This Website Was Made... For Free
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Website Writing Hugo Tools Azure Github
I used Hugo to create this website without coding in HTML/CSS. I used the Blowfish theme and configured Github with Azure for automatic build and deployment. The experience provided valuable insights into Github and Azure capabilities for me.
The Last Post Was A Lie 🍰
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AI Writing Jasper Tools GPT-3 Machine Learning
I confess to using Jasper, an AI content creation platform, for my last blog post, which allowed me to generate text faster and create ideas, but still required careful proofreading and fact-checking.
The Benefits of Creating a Personal Blog as a Software Developer
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AI Writing Generated Jasper Tools GPT-3 Machine Learning
Creating a personal blog as a software developer provides an opportunity to stay current with industry trends, showcase your work, network and collaborate with other professionals in the field, and ultimately open up new opportunities in your career.


Hello World
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My First Blog Post!